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At Open Hotels Weekend (OHW), hotels open their doors to give jobseekers a glimpse of what it’s like to work in the Business of Happiness, through behind-the-scenes tours and on-the-spot job interviews. Elliot Goon joined the hotel industry after attending Open Hotels Weekend.

What is your name, age and current occupation? My name is Elliot. I’m 41 years old and I am a Loss Prevention Officer at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel.

How did you hear about Open Hotels Weekend? I saw it on Facebook and it got me interested to find out more about the event. The website was easy to navigate, and the information provided was comprehensive. It helped me gain a better understanding of the different positions in a hotel, and what each role entails.

How was your experience at Open Hotels Weekend? Open Hotels Weekend was well-organised and informative. The hotel associates were friendly and I was made to feel welcome as the atmosphere was warm and relaxed. There were also HR staff on site to help answer my queries. Plus, the tea breaks were a very nice surprise. They took us on a tour of the rooms, the swimming pool, the restaurants, and even the bar! They also shared the history of the hotel and the different roles there are in the hotel.

What were you doing before you joined the hotel industry? I was a real estate agent for almost four years before I decided to make the switch to the hospitality industry.

What made you switch to the hotel industry? I wanted to try something different. And the hotel industry is known for being dynamic, exciting and service-oriented. What attracted me was also the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life. As a hotelier, my approach towards guests is to treat them as friends in order to make them feel safe and welcome during their stay with us. This makes the entire experience much more enjoyable. On top of that, as a loss prevention officer, I have the responsibility of ensuring safety and security of the guests in the hotel. This gives me a sense of accomplishment when I perform my job well.

What is it like to work within the hotel industry? The hotel industry is very exciting. With an influx of guests from different countries and occupations, every day is a new day and there is never a dull moment.

What do you enjoy about your job? I enjoy interacting with guests from all walks of life. I am motivated to go the extra mile to win their hearts, and provide them with a safe and secure environment so that they can enjoy their stay with us. I feel a sense of satisfaction when I know that I've made an impression on the guests. To see them beam with joy when they are within the hotel premises makes the whole experience and hard work worthwhile.

Do you have any advice for people who would like to join the hotel industry, or are attending Open Hotels Weekend? The hotel industry provides an enjoyable environment to work in, and there is always something new to learn, with lots of satisfaction to be achieved. Before attending Open Hotels Weekend, do read up on the trends and happenings in the hotel industry. Do some research on the role you are applying for and attend the Open Hotels Weekend with an open mind!